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Wit Happens…more often than the ever popular corollary – Shit Happens!

We live in an age devastated by life’s burdens. Today’s television news is more morbid than Ram Gopal Varma’s remake of Sholay. Disillusionment, corruption, and pollution are part of the package deal of choosing to live in India. Whether you like it or not, it comes free with the insane amount of money you spend on real estate in this so called Utopia. Just like the perks of a Club Mahindra holiday. Just like a Club Mahindra Holiday. <Why unnecessarily ridicule CM?>But we Parsees have a scientific way of dealing with the mess around us and sometimes even within. We pray. Continue reading “Wit Happens”

“I’m 81 years old and am the youngest in the whole building,” affirms my hard-of-hearing second floor neighbor in Rustom Baug as she plods on her fluorescent green walker after having nursed a cracked hip for a month in bed. The maid insists that she sit down and talk but she is hell bent on getting me jam tarts she baked this morning– her first act of independence after being bed-ridden for so long. While ensuring I’m well-taken care off she anxiously removes her X-rays from a neatly arranged encyclopedia of her medical records and tells me lovingly whilst catching her breath ‘Aai muaa doctor ay mane addhar suvari nakhi. Is there anything wrong with me?’she asks almost rhetorically in the Queens English, having fully convinced me that you simply cannot make an asymptomatic patient better. She then plugs a dusty stethoscope into my big ears and instructs me to examine her chest.  ‘Big breaths’ I yell while innocently doing my duty and exasperatingly she replies, “They once were!” Continue reading “Wrinkled at Both Ends”

“If anything can go wrong, it will”. Murphy said so. Medicine is a trying profession. And contrary to the cliché it may not be entirely incorrect to call a doctor’s profession, ‘practice’ given that it is a highly iterative learning process involving other peoples’ lives. However proficient you become, you can never predict when your next complexity rears its ugly head. We all make mistakes and we all pay a price. Continue reading “Perfectly Complicated”

There are very few emotions that can be compared to those conjured up in a Parsi soul when an ice cold glass bottle of the original Dukes Mangola is either gulped down or simply fantasized about. It lights up the limbic system-an area we in Neuroscience call the pleasure centre of the brain. According to studies this centre was first described in the early 1950’s. Ironically, it’s around the same time that Mangola was launched! Continue reading “Mangola with Mazda”