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Lucy Mhlanga, (Zimbabwe)
Minimally Invasive Lumbar Spine surgery

My name is Lucy Mhlanga, a 57 year old female from Zimbabwe Bulawayo. I was diagnosed with herniated disc in March of 2017 and my condition progressively grew worse to the extent that I was bed ridden and could hardly sit or walk even with the use of a walker. I was considering retiring on medical grounds as I was constantly on sick leave due to my condition. I was then put in touch with Dr Mazda Turel in India in August of 2018 who performed a decompression operation using a minimally invasive method. My relief from leg and back pain after the op was almost immediate and I could walk and sit once more. Within a week after the op I am back to my normal activities. Surprising thing is there is no pain at all at the point of incision where the op was carried out. Dr Mazda Turel assisted not only in performing the op but also with the recovery process as well due to the confidence he exuded and encouragement that he gave me. He was especially caring and visited daily post op to assess my condition. Not only Dr Mazda was caring but the entire medical team as well. From the operating theatre to the ward care, they made me feel that I was in safe hands, making the hospital stay less apprehensive and extremely pleasant. I am especially grateful to be returning once more to my teaching job that I dearly love. Dr Mazda has not only restored my mobility but has also made it possible to gain my livelihood back by returning to work. A heartfelt and big thank you to you Dr Mazda Turel.

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Philomene Coulibaly, (USA)
Multi- level Minimally Invasive Lumbar Fusion Surgery

The surgical results were outstanding, his level of holistic care is unmatched nationwide. He is a man of excellent service and attitude. Our family is forever greatful for your kindness and level of care. Philomene coulibacy & family Thanks.

Salim Javed (Mauritius)
Brain Tumor Surgery

I am Khalid from Mauritius and I want to narrate about the treatment of my brother, Salim Javed received at Wockhardt hospital in Mumbai, under the care of Dr. Mazda Turel. My brother was suffering from left-sided numbness and weakness for a couple of days and when he visited a hospital in Mauritius, the doctors found out that he had a massive brain tumour. After considering the options we had in Mauritius, the family decided that it would be wise to continue his treatment in India. I came across the profile of Dr. Mazda Turel, and was very satisfied with his level of expertise in the field of Neurosurgery. We got in touch with Wockhardt hospital and arrangements were made for the required treatment. Upon arrival we met Dr. Mazda, and during the physical examination, Salim's left sided weakness was very prominent. After a few investigations, my brother was scheduled for surgery

Dr. Mazda assured us that he will do his best to remove most of the tumour cells and that everything will be alright.As expected, the surgery was a great success, the treatment my brother received at the hospital was excellent. Dr. Mazda is a very caring doctor, he always motivated us to be positive and gave my brother peace of mind. After the surgery and recovery period, my brother has now got his strength back. There's no weakness or numbness anymore, he's walking and eating like before. We are very thankful to the staffs at the hospital for the care they provided us and a special thanks to Dr. Mazda Turel who has done an amazing job.

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Aaisha (Oman)
Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression for Stenosis

I would sincerely like to express my gratefulness for making my mother's life better. She suffered extremely painful days due to her back pain for years before meeting you. As a family, we were worried that she could not get treated due to suffering from Rheumatism for more than 17 years. But thanks to Dr. Mazda, since the first day that we met you, we felt that my mother is in good hands. Your humility and your experience is the direct result of this success. Still I cannot forget how my father and my family in Oman were so happy when they heard about our mother directly after the surgery. My mother is recovering fast with the prescription that you have given her. The credits goes to you doctor. My mother remembers your kindness and generosity. Once again, thanking you for all your kindness and corporation.

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Kirtikumar Yagnik (Jamnagar)
Brain Tumor Surgery

My father aged 62 had a conversion on 3rd December, 2017. After CT scan he was diagnosed with a brain tumour sizing around 5 centimetres. We went to Wockhardt hospital (Mumbai Central) to see Dr. Mazda K. Turel were he suggested a surgery to get the tumour removed. We had him admitted a day before surgery. The surgery went for around 5 hours and after that he was in ICU for around 12 hours. The treatment was very good and he was walking the next day of surgery. The medical care was treated and the team of nurses and doctors were very helpful. Thanks to Dr. Mazda K. Turel his recovery was very fast. I am very pleased with the hospital and Dr. Mazda K. Turel for my father’s well being.

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Taona Owen (Zimbabwe)
Single level Minimally invasive Lumbar Fusion Surgery

I arrived at Wockhardt Hospital on 17th January, 2018 to be attended for back problems and sciatica pain emanating for L5 S1. Dr. Mazda Turel came through examined, conducted certain tests, explained the results and gave his solution. I opted for the surgery as a solution. Post operation, I have no leg pain behind the thigh, under my feet or my toes. It’s been a week now and there is no sign of the pain, only healing form the surgery, which are muscle spasms that occur once in a while. I would say this a very successful surgery which solved my problem and has given me instant relief. As per Dr. Turel's advice I will slowly work towards recovery and a pain free life. Thanks to Dr. Turel and his team.

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Indermal Jain (Mumbai)
Endoscopic surgery for SkullBase Osteomyelitis

I, Mr. Indermal Jain am very glad to share my experience about Dr. Mazda Turel. With speciality in neurosurgery by passion, he is still kind hearted towards his patients. I was very happy with your treatment which you conducted with ease and took care of me as your own family member. It touched me from the bottom of my heart. You even made my family members happy by giving them moral support by communicating regularly, which is very rare for a doctor of such high regard. Sir, the first day I met you was at Wockhardt hospital (Mumbai Central) with complaints of headache and suffering from less hearing and face weakness. After consulting my children, we decided to follow up and proceed for the base of the skull biopsy with you and

your team. You did so with ease minus any complications. I hope in India if all doctors treat their patients as you did, then 80% of the population will resolve their complaints and will be recover without any medicines. Sir, you are superb at such a young age. I am highly obliged for the same and hope you reach greater heights in this field. All my wishes and prayers are with you. All the best for your bright future. Thanking you.

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Sanmati Paratwar (Mumbai)
Brain Tumor Surgery

My wife Mrs. Sanmati, 56 yrs., suffers from CA Lung with Metastasis. The disease has been very well managed for over 5 1/2 years by Dr.Boman Dhabhar who has also ensured her good quality of life. In the MRI taken in December 2017, however, a lesion was found to have grown in left inferior Cerebral Hemisphere necessitating its excision. We had consulted Dr. Mazda Turel, Neurosurgeon at Wokhardt Hospital, Mumbai, for a second opinion. We were so impressed by his knowledge, approach and attitude that we decided to get my wife operated by Dr. Mazda at the Hospital despite surgery being a major and critical one. Dr. Mazda Turel, for his age, very efficiently removed the lesion completely (as evidenced by subsequent MRI) without any

collateral damage. We also found the doctor to be very co-operative, personally attentive and fully communicative. We express our sincere gratitude to Dr. Mazda Turel, Dr. Boman Dhabhar, the Hospital and its staff members.

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Rita Singh (Delhi)
Brain Tumor Surgery

Hello friends, I am from Delhi. I was diagnosed with brain tumor further to which my family started searching for a competent brain surgeon. We came to know about Dr. Mazda Keki Turel at Wockhardt Hospital, South Mumbai. He is a perfect leader, a God sent for those of us who need a brain surgeon. He too has a very good tea of doctors and nurses, who try to make us feel as comfortable as possible. Today after surgery I feel confident and relaxed to go back home. Thank you Dr. Mazda.

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Patricia Hope Swain (Zimbabwe)
Two level Minimally Invasive Lumbar Fusion Surgery

As a patient barely able to walk, I arrived at Wockhardt hospital in a wheelchair on 18th February, 2018. I was checked in. Then I was sent for ever rest imaginable. It was found that that I needed major surgery. My doctor told me everything I needed to know and what he was going to do. I had my surgery on Tuesday. I was out of bed on Friday. The pain changed from unbearable to bearable. As the days have passed I am more mobile and the pain is lessening. As I am 65, I realize I will to longer to real than a younger person. But within a week after the surgery, I am thrilled to say I am happy with the results and thank Dr. Mazda Turel for everything. I would recommend him for all spinal surgeries.

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A. K. Sen (U.K.)
Brain Haemorrhage

My father suffered a left thalamic bleed – commonly referred to as a ‘stroke’ – in early 2018. As he is of an elderly age, this was naturally a stressful and worrying time for our family. But a few weeks on, he was home, clinically stable, and being gradually rehabilitated. We benefited tremendously from Dr. Mazda Turel’s exceptional expertise on his case, meticulous attention to detail (even extending to the oversight of daily patient care), and continuous engagement with our family. This was true not just during his hospital stay, but also afterwards, as Dr. Turel guided us towards resources and information on patient care to help us along, what can sometimes turn out to be a lengthy road to post-stroke recovery. Dr. Turel’s accessibility and dedicated interest in our father’s case helped instil in us a degree of confidence and reassurance that families of stroke survivors will recognise as being critical to coping successfully with post-stroke recovery of a loved one.

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Nilima Surve (Mumbai)
Brain Tumor Surgery

My mother was diagnosed with a brain tumour and Dr. Mazda Turel handled her case right from the beginning. He had been extremely professional and very helpful during my mothers treatment. The surgery took place for a good 8-10 hours and was succesfull. Dr. Turel had kept us well informed about the risks and did a lot of tests before and after the surgery to track the progress. My Mom thankfully recovered pretty quickly and was discharged within 2 weeks, all thanks to the Dr and his team. Also, he has been extremely helpful even after her discharge from the hospital. He had been constantly in touch to know about her progress and also referred to some other specialists. I have never seen any doctor personally checking up on his patients, but Dr. Turel did that. Truly thankful to him for all this. In my personal opinion he is the Best Doctor i ever came across and would definitely recommend him to patients looking for any treatment related to Neurosurgery .

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Sue Alderton (Zimbabwe)
Peripheral Arterial Disease

Hi Dr Madza, First and foremost I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for basically giving me my life back. I have been living in acute pain for the past 5 years. When this pain started 5 years ago I went for various tests in Zimbabwe including Xrays, ultrasounds, MRI's etc and was advised by my doctor and other specialists I had a compressed nerve between the L3-L4 vertabrae. Their initial treatment was anti inflamitories and when they did not work, scheduled surgery which was done in 2015. This did not work either so the next course of treatment was stronger anti inflammatories, steroids plus 2 spinal blocks. Again, nothing was working and I was becoming more and more disabled. I literally could not walk more that 20 paces without having to sit down. I was using the trolleys in supermarkets as a zimmer frame. I could not dance a whole song. I was starting to suspect the doctors here in Zimbabwe were just dishing out drugs to mask my pain instead of trying to find the actual source of the pain. I had begun to lose confidence in my abilities and came to Workhardt in desperation, hoping to obtain some relief, anything was better than the life I was living. Based on the history given by my doctors I was scheduled for more surgery. On arrival I went under the care of Dr Mazda Turel. Dr Turel took one look at my past MRI's and advised straight away I would not require any invasive surgery and that my condition was vascular not neurological. I was in disbelief............after all, for 5 years, my doctors in Zimbabwe had convinced me further surgery was my only hope. Dr Turel asked if I would give him 24hrs to prove to me I did not require surgery and referred me to a vascular surgeon. After various tests it was discovered, not only had I been misdiagnosed, I should never have even had the surgery in 2015!!! What was discovered is I had a 5 cm blockage in my femoral artery and the only thing required was a simple Angioplasty to insert 2 stents. Basically my leg was dying as it had not been receiving any oxginated blood for the past 5 years!!!!! This was a simple procedure only requiring a local anaesthetic. Had this not been performed I would have most certainly lost my leg within a few more years. Never in my wildest imagination did I expect this result. It literally is a miracle. For the first time in 5 years I am TOTALLY PAIN FREE!!! While it was the vascular surgeon who performed the procedure I feel Dr Turel is equally deserving of all the credit. He could have operated (with no effect) and sent me on my way with another packet of pain killers. Instead he insisted on discovering the real problem. Without his primary care, I would most possibly have ended up an amputee or worse. In my mind he has saved my life. My care under Dr Turel and Wockhardt has been beyond excellent and has restored my faith in the medical profession. My experience in India has changed my life. I am now able to exercise daily in order to get my fitness level back. At last, I have my life back. Dr Turel, you truly ROCK !!!!!!!!!! Regards Sue Alderton .